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Published On December 19, 2018 | By Becker Chew | Hotels

New York, New York, the city that never sleeps and a place that you want to take full advantage of when you visit. While you can always drive on up in your RV rental, to really enjoy the city, it’s best to leave the RV at a campground and stay at one of the local hotels.

While an RV rental is comfortable and reliable for traveling around, NYC is a place that is better explored on foot and by metro. Finding parking for your RV isn’t going to be easy and in some places in the city, you can get fined for parking it where you shouldn’t.

Don’t worry; there are very expensive hotel options in the Big Apple, but there are also affordable hotels that offer comfort in a great location. As you search for a place to stay, take a look at our top recommendations for affordable hotels in NYC:

  • Pod 39 Hotel: Offering lodging in a great location near the Grand Central Terminal, this is perhaps one of the most conveniently located, affordable hotels around. With everything you need, from a restaurant, lounge, and game room, you can stay entertained during your stay. The rooms have air conditioning and private bathrooms and many windows offer amazing views of the city. When you want a bite to eat or a drink to enjoy, there is the Rooftop Lounge and Bar. The décor is very inviting and trendy, making it an idyllic place to stay.
  • Sohotel: Located in Lower Manhattan, you can explore the best of SoHo and Chinatown, when you stay here. The small yet comfortable rooms are ideal for singles or couples and have everything you need, from TVs to super comfortable mattresses and iPod docks. You can get tea and coffee for free in the lobby and have everything nearby that you may need for a comfortable and fun experience in NYC. It’s easy to get to other areas in Manhattan from SoHo as well, making it ideal in terms of location.
  • Z NYC: Who doesn’t like a good view? You can have a beautiful one when you stay at Z NYC in Queens. The rooftop bar offers an amazing view of the Manhattan skyline, so if you want to stay at a place that can provide you with the backdrop for Instagram-worthy shots, this is it. While it doesn’t boast of a lot of amenities that you may find in a 5-star hotel, this boutique spot does offer all the comfort you need in your bedroom, with large windows, a flat-screen TV, and soft beds to sleep on. Plus, the views are worth it!
  • BKLYN House Hotel: Comfortable, affordable, and in a good location in Brooklyn, what more could you ask for from a great-priced hotel room? With clean rooms, comfortable beds, and a delicious breakfast to boot, you can enjoy a no-fuss stay at this hotel that offers proximity to JFK airport and downtown Brooklyn. With unique and trendy décor and style, it’s a nice change from cookie-cutter brand name hotels.
  • Hotel 32 32: If you want to stay where you can see Manhattan in all of it’s glory, Hotel 32 32 is for you. Only a few feet away from Empire State Building and less than a mile from Times Square, Hotel 32 32 is perfect for those who want one of the best locations for seeing all the famous sites in the city. There is also plenty of opportunity for those who want to do some shopping in the city. While the rooms aren’t the biggest, the location is certainly worth staying in a small space.

In Conclusion

As you consider a visit to New York City, you could be thinking about showing up in an RV. May we suggest an alternative? The above options offer comfort and ideal locations for an affordable price and allow you to explore the city more easily. You won’t have to worry about parking and can take a break from the road tripping lifestyle while visiting one of the most iconic cities in the U.S.

New York is a city that has to be seen in all it’s glory and it’s different staying outside of it at a campground than staying within its perimeters, and enjoying all that there is to see. Being able to wake up and take a walk in the local neighborhood you’re staying in is a unique experience while in NYC and one that you don’t want to miss out on.

Leave the RV rental behind and pick one of the above options during your visit to NYC. We promise that the extra money will be worth it to be able to get around easily to all the must-see spots in the city. If there is a city that offers incredible experiences, it would be New York.

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