Finding the Best Deals for Your Florida Keys Vacation

Published On May 5, 2018 | By Becker Chew | Travel

A vacation to the Florida Keys isn’t the cheapest option, but it’s one that you’ll remember for years to come. It’s also a fantastic way to escape and unwind. Here are tips on how to save money and find the best deals for your Florida vacation.

Hotel Deals

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There are a few ways to save money on accommodations when you head to the Keys:

  • Book early: Don’t wait till the last minute to get a hotel room for your Keys trip. Book at least one month in advance.
  • Visit during the offseason: There’s an increased chance of hurricanes from June to November, but this also means fewer crowds and lower costs for hotel rooms.
  • Avoid Key West: Because Key West is so popular, hotel prices are the highest here. Instead, book a room somewhere in the middle of the Keys, which will also give you a central point to explore the rest of the area.
  • Book through a hotel deals site: Use HotelPlanner to find affordable Islamorada hotels or accommodations in other areas of the Keys. You can easily see rates at different hotels and compare ratings at each.

Food Deals

Eating in the Keys can get expensive, but there are ways to save:

  • Get a hotel room with a kitchen: Having a kitchen will save you a lot of money because you can cook. Just head to the grocery store to get some staples and prepare a few basic meals.
  • Buy seafood from local markets: One of the things you probably look forward to having in the Keys in fresh seafood, but eating stone crabs, pink shrimp, and lobster at restaurants is expensive. Head over to a local seafood market, like Key Largo Fisheries or Eaton Street Seafood Market in Key West, to get some fresh seafood at a fraction of the cost. Then prepare it in your hotel room’s kitchen.
  • Bring food with you: Rather than eat out at lunch, pack a lunch before you head out for the day.
  • Eat at upscale restaurants during lunch: If you want to try one of the top trendy restaurants, head there at lunchtime rather than dinner. Though the portions are smaller, the prices are more reasonable, allowing you to indulge.
  • Try Cuban restaurants: Cuban food is full of delicious flavors, and most of the restaurants are very reasonably priced. Key West has choices like El Siboney in Key West and Habanos Oceanfront Dining in Islamorada.

Other Deals

There are some other ways to save money as you head down to the Keys:

  • Get gas first: Gas is more expensive the further you get into the Keys, so make sure to gas up in Miami or Key Largo.
  • Get your souvenirs and other items from discount stores: This includes things like sunscreen, beach towels, swimsuits, and water toys. Try Kmart, Dollar Tree, and Family Dollar for fair prices.

When it comes to budgeting for a vacation to the Florida Keys, it’s all about priorities. Try these deals to save money, and you’ll get to do all the things you really want during your trip.

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